Economy Microphones

Economy Microphones

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100 XLR P.A. Microphone

1. Rugged and Reliable PA Microphone. 2. Ideal for addressing audience or for amateur artists. ..

INR 1thousand_point410decimal_point00 Ex Tax: INR 1thousand_point410decimal_point00

98 XLR P.A. Microphones


INR 1thousand_point663decimal_point80 Ex Tax: INR 1thousand_point410decimal_point00

99 XLR P.A. Microphones

A Basic Microphone for Karaoke and PA Application. Supplied with4.5 Mtrs shielded cable..

INR 1thousand_point250decimal_point80 Ex Tax: INR 1thousand_point060decimal_point00

HM 673 P.A. Microphones


INR 1thousand_point451decimal_point40 Ex Tax: INR 1thousand_point230decimal_point00