MEGA PA system has been one of the leaders since 1959. State of the art production houses, Stringent Quality Tests, Timely Deliveries, Reasonable pricing structure and efficient after sales service contributes to millions of satisfied customers around the globe. MEGA won Seven National Awards for outstanding export performance and is ISO 9001: 2008 company. We cater to all types of requirements from small and medium gathering to large gatherings. Our equipment are used by reputed showrooms, factories, hotels and restaurants, educational institutions, research institutes, railways, police, religious places like temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, yoga classes, classroom lecturers, auditoriums, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan in the different States of India.

In microphones we have highly sensitive microphones for professional use, PA microphones for everyday use and economy microphones for amateurs. Our Range of Microphones, Tie clip microphones, Podium Microphones and Head Microphones. 

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Rechargeable battery & 12V Car battery operation.50W Amplifier provides extremely high efficienc..

INR 5,855.00 Ex Tax: INR 4,961.86

MP 89 P.A Megaphones

20W DC 12 V ,2MIKE,1 AUX1. Built in 8 Ohms horn speaker.2. Dual power source amplifier 6V DC (car ba..

INR 3,455.00 Ex Tax: INR 2,927.97

MP 89U P.A Megaphones

20W DC 12 V ,2MIKE,1 AUX1. Built in 8 Ohms horn speaker.2. Built in USB/SD Card Player.3. Dual power..

INR 3,925.00 Ex Tax: INR 3,326.27

MP 20 P.A Megaphones

10W DC 12 V ,1MIKE 1. Built in 4 Ohms horn speaker. 2. Dual power source amplifier 6V DC (..

  Ex Tax: INR 0.00